Different Technology forms:

Technology means creating something beyond imagination and it is available in any shape, size, and texture. Nowadays, the world is seeking for compact and easily accessible technology gadgets, thus the market for wearable technology is in full swing. The wearable technology means same as it sounds, a technology which can be worn on any body part is known as wearable technology. As the wearable technology is becoming new trend let’s see on the back story of it. 

Background of wearable technology.

Well, if you are wondering, that wearable technology is a new concept, then you are in a delusion. As first wearable technology comes into existence with the formation of wearable eyeglasses in 13th century. Later, in the 16th century with the invention of pocket watches and Numbereggs, it got a tremendous boost. Again, later in 17th-century wearable abacus ring from China swamped the market.

After that in 19’s numerous milestones in wearable technology can be seen. As in 1960 first wearable computer has been developed by Edward Thorp. In his book “Beat the Dealer,” Thorp revealed that he built a computer small enough to fit into a shoe in order to cheat at roulette. Later in few decades, wearable technology get more popular with the emergence of first calculator wristwatch in 1975 and no one can forget the Sony Walkman invention in 1980.

Wearable technology sector gets more encouragement with the development of portable Bluetooth technology in 2002. This is the time when wearable technology get revamped and more attention of world shifts towards it. As the market got to see iconic wearable technology devices Nike+, Fitbit and Google Glass were released. In 2014, dubbed “The Year of Wearable Technology” by several media outlets, with the dynamic introduction of Apple watch. And this long history of wearable technology tells that the market is hot and future of wearable gadgets is very bright.

Future of wearable technology & applicability.

The future of wearable technology is very shining as it is expected that wearable autonomous or smart gadgets industry will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 55 percent. “Wearables will become the world’s best-selling consumer electronics product after smartphones,” CNBC reports, citing forecasts by market research firm Euromonitor.  Moreover, project sale of wearable gadgets is going to be more than the television and computers in upcoming years. These wearable gadgets are going to target mainly following sectors:

  1. Fitness.

    The fitness sector is more targeted by wearable gadgets creators. As the fitness bands with heart rate monitor, pedometer, swim recorder, health apps etc, products are available in the market and are getting very popular also. A report from Juniper Research projects that Fitness devices are projected to own a majority of the wearable technology market.

  2. Health.

    The health sector is already very much taking the advantage of wearable technology and near future, it is going to increase even more. Wearables include a headband and software platform for brain injury detection, wristbands to monitor blood pressure level etc.

  3. Other sectors.

    The wearable technology is very useful in entertainment sector as virtual reality concept is increasing. Also, the retail and real estate sector will get advantage from wearable technology.

Hello, I am Arpit. I am a content writer who usually loves to write technical stuff. I always try to write something very related to latest technologies and trend. I hope you like my blogs and have a good time reading them.
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Arpit Agarwal

Hello, I am Arpit. I am a content writer who usually loves to write technical stuff. I always try to write something very related to latest technologies and trend. I hope you like my blogs and have a good time reading them.

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